a change
in one's
way of life
resulting from penitence
or spiritual conversion.

—"i've died before. it was boring, so i stood up."

  • ㅤfull nameㅤ lady rilennia malphur.

  • ㅤfmr. surname(s)ㅤ rimeshard, sunshard, shattershard.

  • ㅤaliasㅤㅤгiley • gilly • fгidget • ROILEY • гed • lady chatelaine

  • ㅤageㅤㅤ[???] - appears late 30s.

  • ㅤbeliefsㅤㅤholy light; pathfinding [personal philosophy].

  • ㅤpronounsㅤㅤshe / her.

  • ㅤraceㅤㅤhalf-elf [human].

  • ㅤbirthdateㅤㅤseptember 13.

  • ㅤsexualityㅤㅤheterosexual.

  • ㅤhusband ㅤㅤsir shindo malphur.

  • ㅤbirthplaceㅤㅤrimeshard holdings; outside of fairbreeze village, quel'thalas [fanon].

  • ㅤresidenceㅤㅤmalphur manor, owlhearth, alterac [fanon].

rilennia "riley" malphur [previously registered under alliance census under many surnames, including 'shattershard', 'sunshard' and 'rimeshard'] is your quintessential half-high elven orphan turned persistently nagging, yet well-meaning personal assistant, turned world-class portal-shredding mage-priest-bureaucrat.she died once, and got better. Life's weird that way.originally murdered during the siege of tirisfal and risen by the head Apothecary of the hand of Vengeance, Riley was unfairly tasked with existing as a grim reminder of what radicals are capable of performing when left unchecked.

In the present, she is 'alive'; her shattered soul in a temporal-forged homunculus of herself. riley occupies this chronological abnormality - a seamless amalgamation of innumerable rileys, stitched together in a machine constructed by her former mentor taldarick reynolds before his offworld disappearance on a mission for the kirin tor. the resulting vessel was very much alive, but lacked a soul; as such, riley gladly took herself under her own possession. with the help of her allies, riley finally destroyed what remained of taldarick's legacy and sent its parts to the bottom of boralus's harbor.

— current day.
gifted an unprecedented third lease on life, riley now dutifully follows a twin path of arcane and light guided by the seasoned hand of sir shindo malphur. in the years after her unorthodox rebirth, riley has elbowed her way into the position of chatelaine of house malphur in owlhearth, alterac, and becoming sir malphur's own chatelaine —
by both definitions.

riley's priority in the present day is the continued growth and prosperity of her adopted homelands, and to do so, she happily assists with the city's chamber of commerce, much to its overtaxed lord's bemused thanks - given its stark contrast from her prior lifestyle as a multipurpose criminal element via opportunistic fencing of cursed relics.

riley is a decorated member of the Alliance military, and has served under multiple commanders in assorted campaigns; having been awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross and the Cross of Vanndar for the sacrificial manner of her first death - earning her the never-used post-nominals CSC and CV. She has also been awarded, for service combating the Old Gods in Uldum, the Grand Alliance magical Service ribbon, the Alterac magical Service ribbon, and the medallion of Alterac.

proficiencies. →

【 portalmancy. 】

if it's one thing riley finds solace and skill in her ability to wield, it's the ostentatious attitude and aptitude towards ripping matching portals into place all over azeroth and beyond it without the usual sigils, somatic components, reagents or lattices most high-level magi require. riley's quick-smashed portalmaking ability is as much a part of her as her breathing.this action, of course, is detrimental to whatever ley line she may or may not be near, but that caution would require self-preservation.

【 pathfinding. 】

pathfinding is shindo malphur's philosophy and skill in using Light-based divination magic, in which one focuses and narrows down the quite literal light-granted path ahead of them - manifesting potentialities and consequences before they occur, as to take action towards the least detrimental or most fortuitous outcome to the path-viewer or their allies.instructed in this method over spanning years, riley's now damaged / 'sightless' eye allows her to occasionally view cascading paths and timeways of others as they happen.

【 thunderbolt. 】

thunderforged by shindo in the days of his silver hand service on the isle of the same name during the alliance's pandarian campaign, the thunderbolt was his signature weapon; it served him for years in battle as a righteous tool of the light, earning him the title of the last storm in its most storied of course, when he proudly bequeathed it to riley, she ended up breaking it. the shards remain loosely tethered to her chatelaine and can be reformed at will into whatever best suits her situation.

【 arc light. 】

visible lightning-styled bolts of holy light that are seen in a spectrum. only a handful of light-users manage to harness and utilize the arc light in its chromatic variety, and misuse or abuse can easily backfire onto the ill-attempting.a near-rainbow of arc light colors enhance the wielder based entirely on the hue used. shindo favors citrine for its speed, while riley's newly discovered chromatic serves more of a support-role - enhancing the abilities of those it tunes to around her, amplified through her truesilver armaments.

【 alectryomancy. 】

admittedly not so much riley's own talent as it was the talent of her proudly kirin tor-sanctioned divination chicken, alectryo, nevertheless riley was able to understand his nightwell-spurred, hen-picked tarot card readings as portents of the past, present, or future path on which she finds herself.they performed to innumerable sold-out crowds at large scale events with attendees that shower the diviner - and not his hapless handler - with favors, tokens and gratitude, and only have referred to riley more than once as 'that girl with the chicken'.with alectryo's passing, this talent has been mainly retired - at least, for the foreseeable.

【 cryomancy. 】

in a lifetime before the shattered one that riley now lives, she was a burgeoning prodigy in the school of frost magic. her uncle and aunt prided themselves on their silvermoon city ice-carving business, which constantly churned out sculptures for whatever lavish parties the nobles of the elven city were throwing that night. riley took after them happily, until —riley's favorite party trick was conjuring endless blueberry slushes - a talent that came in handy extinguishing fel fires on the broken shore during the legionfall defense.

【 adaptability. 】

being a victim of circumstance time and time over has made riley ridiculously in roles and lives ranging from a barely-literate mage that can't blink in a straight line, to a hesitant defender of the broken shore, to a hapless caretaker of a divination chicken, to a lovestruck mage-assistant, to sacrificially dying, getting bored of it and getting back up - only a handful of times in her illustrious life has riley ever been truly floored by a circumstance that she can't wriggle her way out of or spin into her remains to be seen whether or not this, above all other skills, is riley's strongest.

【 vendor-type. 】

riley is a dyed in the wool salesman, with plenty of experience running marketplace stalls and back-alley hubs. she's wheeled and dealed anything from cotton candy to stuffed animals to haunted curios and cursed swords, comfortable working festivals in stormwind to sketchy 'grey markets'.this stemmed from her obligation to the now-deposed cartel xy, who sold a once-hopeful riley 'soul insurance' - intended to recover the lost soul of her missing mentor and partner. the contract instead damned her to working off an impossible debt via consignment, lest her own soul be spirited away to the she became really, really good at it.

— working on it. →

— timeline. →


the beginning.

[ years
1-19. ]

rilennia rimeshard was born around or before year 11.

• riley's family, the shardline, focuses more on earned surnames than a given last name.

• her father, mal'arbane rimeshard, is a dashing and charismatic high elven privateer for the sunstriders; her mother is an unknown human woman, presumably from lordaeron.

• an infant rilennia was abandoned by her father in the care of her uncle, mel'oran sunshard, and her aunt, amaranthe sunshard.

mal'arbane and mel'oran were both privateers for high elven nobility, but mel'oran settled down in silvermoon city once he met amaranthe.

• the sunshards ran a successful magical ice sculpture business for elaborate parties of high elven nobility.


pre-wow timeline.

[ Year 20. ]

• with the scourge's invasion, arthas menethil commands the fall of silvermoon city.
• a 9-ish year old riley watches her aunt and youngest cousin get eaten by a rampaging abomination in their own home while hiding in a pantry. she loses all five of her older spellbreaker cousins as they fail to defend the city.
• she presumes her uncle has fled; in actuality, mel'oran was going to untether his old boat out of the sunsail anchorage to sail his family to freedom; mal'arbane has beaten him to it to recover their logbook in the ship's figurehead that contained the location of the shardvault, and the brothers' largest heists and hauls. mal'arbane doesn't even remember that riley exists.

• the brothers fight; mal'arbane throws mel'oran to his death on a dock full of ghouls and sails away.

• riley is found in the wreckage of her uncle's home in the sunshard holdings; she is sent to dalaran as a diasporic refugee ward of the state to train in the schools of frost magic. she's not very good at it.

• when arthas menethil and the scourge invade dalaran, riley flees with the other survivors to kalimdor, where she briefly stays in theramore.

dalaran is then destroyed by archimonde the defilier.


world of warcraft.

[ year 25. ]

• a 14-ish year old riley rimeshard has been shuttered all over the place due to the events of the third war. she takes refuge in pyrewood village with other dalarani refugees until surviving wizards encase the ruins in a magical dome and begin its rebuild. being a ward of dalaran and an apprentice magi, riley is allowed in.


wrath of the lich king.

[ year 27. ]

• a 16ish year old riley doesn't agree with the horde being accepted into dalaran; she doesn't trust the blood elves, following what she's heard transpire during the events of the burning crusade's timeline.

• she's more interested in the holy light but is continually steered back to the arcane by well-meaning elders, including Zaedel Somberlight, a stoic blood elven mage-priestess assigned to riley as a guardian.

zaedel is slain by the azure dragonflight while trying to defend the violet hold from its first intrusion.

• riley remains in dalaran as a citizen during most of the events of wrath of the lich king's timeline, but develops an aversion and distrust of the holy light for not saving her begrudgingly-respected guardian.



mists of

[ years
28 - 31. ]

• from ages 17 to 20, a somber rilennia remains in dalaran, lackluster care given to her arcane studies. she's failed her sanctum exit exams three times already, and has refused every mentor assigned to her.

she's already forged a re-entry to the sanctum's academy with a falsified name and illusion spell [under raegil rimeshard]. her illusion spells remain sub-par, however, and due to her 'tragic circumstances' riley is given some leniency - BUT she's threatened with expulsion from dalaran unless she can have an accomplished dalaranian magi vouch for her skills in the arcane.

riley can't perform an arcane blink, can't make a portal, can barely conjure edible mana-food; her abjuration is her strongest suit, and even then, due to poor reception to training, her shielding ability is weak, at best.



[ years
31 - 32. ]

• in her search to become a deputized battlemagi apprentice, 21ish-year old riley latches onto the enigmatic taldarick reynolds as a potential candidate as mentor. she corners him in stormwind city and insists that he train her. begrudgingly, he agrees, as it helps fulfill his community service requirements after being released from the violet hold [for siding with the azure dragonflight and its rogue mages in the nexus war; he had slain his own brother romulus reynolds, who had sided with the kirin tor.].

• a 22ish-year-old riley becomes a fully fledged battlemagi apprentice with the kirin tor; specifically, the silver covenant, with taldarick as a sponsored guardian. she is deployed to the broken shore to extinguish fel fires with what little ice magic she knows (mainly conjuring blueberry-flavored slushes), and becomes a caretaker in one of the experimental 'divination chicken' projects attempted by the kirin tor to combat the demons of the burning legion. it doesn't go anywhere. she now has one (x1) magical chicken that uses tarot cards to communicate portents.

• riley and taldarick are deployed with the rest of the highguard, a military branch of the silver covenant to ensure the deposition of the grand magistrix elisande as a vested high elven interest to establish relations with the nightborne.

• riley also develops a vested high elven interest to establish relations with taldarick. it's very will-they-won't-they for a long time. eventually, he admits reciprocation, and they become the legal guardians of a younger stormwindian teenage orphan, nicolette galahad; the three share his dalaran apartment space and work to send a gifted nico to the arcane sanctum's academy.

• her divination chicken alectryo ends up being a polymorphed mage that had been cursed by a magical hat; Alectryo is then stabbed by a slighted would-be suitor of riley's, and the inflicted damage unpolymorphs him. Taldarick promptly replaces Alectryo I with Alectryo II; having dunked its unhatched egg in runoff from the nightwell, Alectryo is given magical tarot reading powers, and nobody in the silver covenant is the wiser for the swap.

• taldarick then goes missing on deployment near the apex of the clash against the burning legion, having been sent to one of their satellite worlds without return; his disappearance off-world irrevocably fractures riley and nico's relationship. nico vanishes, and contact is lost.

• after the closure of the gateway to argus, riley spirals into a deep depression from the loss of her found family. she is discharged from active duty in the silver covenant.

• riley buries herself in her work and is stationed as a dalaran guardsman for a brief period of time.

• she is then deployed to the alterac crater, the former home of dalaran, to keep an eye on its magical signatures, with the appearance of the ren'dorei in case of any potential 'interference'.

• a 23ish-year-old riley ends up stationed on neutral diplomatic directive with the alteraci order the citrine eagle, due to their capital city of talongrab's proximity to the crater. she doesn't make any friends, due to her insistence on stringent rule enforcement as laid down by the kirin tor regarding the eagles' own arcane sanctum and their members' magic deregulation in comparison to dalaran's (given that it's what's kept her alive this entire time, she's endeared to the kirin tor).


for azeroth.

[ year 33. ]

• despite being a relative nuisance to the eagles, during the events of the siege of tirisfal riley readily betrays her neutral stance with the kirin tor and gambles her own life to rescue their captive commanding officer and several other alliance citizens. she illusions herself as the head apothecary of the hand of vengeance, who served as the warden for the horde's makeshift prison camp, and attempted to sneak out as many of the captured as possible; riley was found out by the head apothecary's husband, who could tell she wasn't his beloved wife. riley was then accosted by stationed horde soldiers and slain; one of the aggressors was arthalden lightshard, a former ally that ironically used a ranseur smithed by a commanding officer of the citrine eagle,sir shindo malphur, to shatter her crystalsong shardwood shoulder pauldron.

immediately following her death, riley is risen into undeath by the head apothecary to serve as a drudge and a warning to those that would cross her; riley is then freed when alliance reinforcements storm the makeshift prison to rescue those still left behind. riley is sent to acherus, the stronghold of the knights of the ebon blade to work out her newfound undead neutrality to remain with the alliance; she is assigned to dame oktavia altostrati, a frost-magics-wielding nightborne.

• riley returns to talongrab in alterac, as she has nowhere else to go. she's given a couple of medals for the sacrificial manner of her death, and some never-referenced post-nominals.

pre-resurrection, while dead, riley gets a glimpse of the maw; determined to rescue taldarick from where she believes he might have been sent, riley sets off on a course to track down through nefarious means and countless darker-darker-yet-darker curio-vendor contacts a representative of cartel x. she believes they can provide a means of soul insurance that can be immediately redeemed to rescue taldarick from the maw, should that be where he's sent.

• riley's ploy with soul insurance unsurprisingly doesn't work, and now she's in deep with a cartel that doesn't take gold or jewels as payment; riley turns to a life of back-alley vendoring to scalp precious emotions, memories and soulshards from her customers to send to cartel x. they know the location of her undead aunt (a ghoul, trapped in the pantry of the sunshard holdings in eversong forest) and threatens to send her soul to the maw should riley not comply.

• while on deployment with the eagles, riley learns that one of her 'brothers' in the ebon blade has murdered two innocent children. during their burial, riley furtively calls on the holy light to sanctify their burial plot, and reawakens her long, long-lost desire for connection; following this, she insists on training in the holy light with the members of hath's stand, the paladin order within the eagles; primarily, their resident justicar, sir shindo malphur. he agrees.


battle for

[ years
34 - 35. ]

• an undead mage-priest-in-training riley is dispatched to uldum with the citrine eagle in their war against the forces of the old gods alongside an active coalition of horde and alliance members, citing a need to go to gadgetzan anyway for an outstanding client 'payment collection'.

• she runs into the same disgraced ebon brother that murdered the kids and was disbarred from the eagles, and rips two of his grafted-on spider-legs off. ultimately she loses the honor duel, but a leg's a leg.

• while deployed to uldum under the command of the eagles, riley's brain is infected with an aqir parasite. while feeding on her brains, it scrambles some of her earliest memories. the parasite threatens to hatch into a hive queen larvae before it's obliterated by the coalition she's traveling with, including wey-chung brokenarrow, a long-time ally.

• riley is able to call in a ton of purloined back-alley ebon-centric favors, garnered over a few years of market racketeering, and summons a trio of frostbrood dragons to assist with the coalition's uldum campaign at its apex.

• riley assists the denizens of the allied order of the hinterlands' alpine hollow with preventing a herald of the old gods from emerging through a void rift. during this time, she's entrusted with a faceplate by shindo malphur for her holy-light training, and enlists his help through meditation and concentration; with gradual exposure therapy, riley goes from not being able to call on the light to instead wield it with fervor and reckless indifference to her own undead state.

shindo malphur also bequeaths riley with his old silver hand-era warhammer, the thunderbolt, to use in battle. it's one of the very few items riley refuses to sell to cartel x. he still won't make her a paladin, though.

• after this, riley slinks back to acherus for a time, hiding out and assisting with acquisitions of artifacts in which the ebon blade shows interest.



[ year 36. ]

• a still-undead riley, stationed in acherus, sees the ebon blade mobilizing towards the shadowlands beyond the now-broken veil, and slinks off to the maw with a small deployment of ebon soldiers to begin the arduous hunt for taldarick's soul herself. this leads to her getting two ebon soldiers picked off by mawsworn, and riley herself court-martialed. her soul is stripped from her body from where it was previously anchored, and is kept in a soulcage that is anchored to her back, to ensure it doesn't break loose and serve zovaal, the jailer, in the interim.

[it wasn't our riley that orchestrated this deployment, but an alternate version of riley that split off from a doomed timeline controlling our unconscious riley through a process known as shatterwalking. following taldarick's disappearance, this riley turned to the void for answers and bargained power. she's been wreaking havoc across other rileys' timelines ever since.]

• after learning of the dangers in which the shadowlands have been driven to, riley returns to alterac and attempts to convey to their justicar shindo malphur what awaits them beyond the veil, given his ardent faith in the light and position of leadership. it's not really clear how much of her frantic, fearful explanation stuck.

• riley, shindo and another member of the eagles, daniel morsin, all return to taldarick's since-abandoned dalarani apartment to check for pieces of riley's old life for closure. she's able to find taldarick's machine- a chronological/necromantic mishmash abnormality designed to yank parts and pieces from doomed versions of timelines in which his brother dies anyway, in an effort to resurrect him. riley knew about the machine and was actively helping taldarick construct it, but didn't know the specifics of how it worked; unbeknownst to riley at the time, taldarick had used riley herself as a guinea pig for the machine, and it had been whirring away all these years, yanking parts and pieces of doomed rileys to stitch together. there's now a complete copy of riley's body in the machine. yanking herself out of the ebon blade's soulcage splinters riley's soul, and shindo and daniel have to fight the negative portions of what remains; destroying it allows riley to take possession of the living but soulless body created by the machine, effectively resurrecting herself, with shindo's encouragement.

• afterwards, the machine is destroyed and sent to the bottom of the boralus harbor in pieces to ensure that nobody nefarious can get their hands on it.

• despite the armistice between the horde and alliance established years prior, the annual dance of the dead is declared by the forsaken, and lordaeronian criminals are given bounties to be hunted down and turned in to be subjected to fighting for their lives as punishment. riley is listed as wanted for tax evasion and neutrality-abuse, but narrowly avoids capture. given that for once riley is not in love with her direct superior [yet], she is visibly agitated when accused by a fellow alteraci commander of being too clingy when concerned for the justicar's safety in protecting other wanted alliance 'criminals', especially after he remains behind to thwart an assassination attempt against a member of the stormwindian house of nobles.

• concerned for her well-being and the resources needed to rescue her, should riley be captured by the forsaken, shindo then insists that riley stay in morku, the capital city in his presided-over lands of owlhearth, while the threat of the dance of the dead is imminent. she ends up not leaving.



[ year 37+. ]

• riley has managed to worm her way into running a ton of morku and owlhearth in general under shindo's faceplate, despite his continual insistence on not needing a steward.

• in her efforts to bolster morku's economy, she's accidentally created the frozen stryth through the crab canal project [abandoned], accidentally created the feldspar caverns through alterac granite mining near shindo's foundry [condemned] and helped keep owlhearth as a whole flourishing through her loophole-finding, law-bending vendor gremlin antics.

• at some point, riley's dealings with cartel x come back to bite her, as she hasn't been making her 'soul insurance' payments. they come to collect by way of attempting to collect her soul, and when she resists and defends herself, their representative splinters her allies in the eagles' souls along with hers; among others, sir malphur is forced to confront the violence he's committed without being blinded by his wrath, and riley is forced to confront the results of her greed-driven actions [as her avarice was a symptom of her unending undead hunger, instead of the typical bloodlust experienced by second- and third-generation death knights]. the eagles are able to venture to the shadowlands to defeat cartel x and restore their souls to 'working order'.

• at another point, shindo is spirited away to the shadowlands again, this time in bastion, where's he's forced to confront the portion of himself that was/is the dredgen hangman; a violent vigilante defender of his homelands that riley had been trying to capture for years to impress the wayward, war-weary justicar. riley is not there to witness the revelation that shindo had been the dredgen the entire time; she had also been captured by rilennia ireshard, the alternate timeline, void-tainted version of herself.

• while stashed away in the sublunary asylum, a pocket dimension between timelines, and siphoned for her insane amount of chronomatic potential energy, our riley is replaced by another, complicit au version of herself that runs things as normal, quietly and out of the way; shindo doesn't suspect anything strange or out of order due to riley's lack of attention-grabbing antics and the smoothness with which owlhearth has grown and thrived.



[ year 40. ]

• a 30ish-year-old riley has been trapped in the sublunary asylum for an unknown period of time. she's kept locked down in a chronochamber that utilizes the same technology in which the nightborne keep their arcwine; keeping what's inside either in stasis or hyper-aging it. she's essentially held in stasis for the internal equivalent of seventy five years, judging by the tallymarks on her cell walls; she hasn't aged visibly, though. half-elf genes.

• the not-riley is found out by her allies, and chased through a portal to the sublunary asylum. several alternate versions of riley are freed from their own chronocells and are defeated, and our riley is finally found and freed, with shindo escorting her back to morku. turns out he'd been keeping an eye on her flower shop (started by bakuzan burlycloud, taldarick's former employer, who had since retired to halfhill in the valley of the four winds).

• riley is returned to her home in morku to recover. she takes up the surname shattershard following the revelation of her broken timelines, in accordance with her family tendency to change surnames based on circumstance, skill or proclivity.

• briefly afterwards, she and other allies venture to bruinholdt in the alteraci bearlands in attempt to retrieve from his own stasis a former commander in their former order of the citrine eagle. during the fight to do so, riley's faceplate is shattered and blinds her in one eye, and she's impaled on an unholy runeblade. she spends a considerable amount of time recovering at malphur manor (or manor malphur, depending on your preference). shindo likes having her there, and finds more and more reasons to return home, instead of sleeping in his office in the foundry like usual.

• after a venture to try and track down the missing crabs in the abandoned crab-canal project, riley and shindo discover an older former ally of shindo's, forged during his active duty with the silver hand in icecrown against the lich king; she has sworn revenge on him for interfering with her saboteur work for the cult of the damned. in the midst of tracking her down, riley accidentally breaks the thunderbolt, bequeathed to her years ago by shindo. it remains in pieces on her chatelaine.

• a trip to the isle of thunder to reforge the thunderbolt into her truesilver chain's length results in mutual affection expressed between shindo and riley; following her recovery from the wounds incurred in bruinholdt, the latter has moved into the former's manor permanently.

• during a venture to recover relics and sell them back to one of riley's contacts, ku'rowl, a broker from cartel ku in the shadowlands, alectryo ii is slain in the storm peaks.

• shindo and riley each gift the other eggs of unknown bird species; they hatch into tama (an azure-hued lightning phoenix) and chikuwa (a crimson-tinged descendent of ohn’ahra). while in the egg, tama is imbued with alectryo II's arcane signature; its effects are yet unknown.

• shindo and riley become engaged; later they're privately married by a kul tiran ship captain.


war within.

[ year ??? ]

[ tbd. ]



[ year ??? ]

[ tbd. ]


the last titan.

[ year ??? ]

[ tbd. ]

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owlhearth, alterac.riley's adopted avian-themed homelands, nestled in the mountains of alterac in the eastern kingdoms.its lord invited her in a few years back during a matter of her personal safety, insisted she stay, and then left her unattended for long stretches at a time.a rookie mistake. foolish, even.under her acumen and his leadership, owlhearth has blossomed from a quiet hamlet into a booming merchant destination and battle-tested, faithful foundry supplier.more information on shindo and riley's home of owlhearth can be found here.

— forged. →

sir shindo malphur.—

paired-off pathwalker.

at first there was nothing, and then there was an egg.

riley's slow-burning suitor, pathmate, brevity-driven philosopher, trusted-over-all counsel and long-suffering lord of the lands over which she's assumed direct control. just don't tell him that, obviously. (he knows.)

she knows what's under the helmet.


spirited spirit of battle.

voice of reason given tangible, sharp-edged form, tali'riel, the true path is never out of shindo's reach.

only he [and sometimes riley] can make out what wisdom and warning tali'riel offers. the sword is host to a literal spirit of battle, manifested inwards from years of shindo's valiant combat and self-reflection.

tali'riel is what's left from the sky-knight's eternal battle with himself, his identity and his chosen Path.

erinali ainsworth.

chainsmoking confidant.

formerly the archon of a previous order in which riley began her alteraci tenure.

she and riley clashed on the 'proper' uses of magic, with erinali insisting riley not rip erstwhile holes in their city (fair, in retrospect).

the present finds erinali in the bearlands, without burden of disrespected leadership. she and riley happily co-exist, with the latter often babysitting her two children.


derecho of
the last storm.

a gift to riley from her partner shindo, in the form of an egg!

after weeks of loving care, tama finally hatched when the remnants of alectryo's arcane signature was absorbed into his shell.

he's very handsome!!
it remains to be seen if he can perform scrying in the same way as his predecessor.



the ever-affable Wey-chung met riley through working under bakuzan burlycloud with the four winds trade company, and served as a balance and a tether for Riley's self destructively unstable lifestyle(s).

despite traded jabs and barbs, it's obvious there's a familial bond between the two, forged from an unspoken experience; one that stretches beyond mere 'i knew him from work' acquaintanceship.

wey often sleeps on riley's couch when visiting morku for their extensive restaurant offerings.

threatened often to eat riley's former divination chicken, alectryo.

oktavia altostrati.

ebon parole officer.

during riley's tenure in the ranks of the ebon blade, she was assigned to dame oktavia altostrati's contingent of frost magic wielders, having a natural proclivity for them.

riley promptly wriggled her way out of active service to instead focus on acquisitions, leaving an exasperated oktavia to constantly clean up her figurative red-tape mess.

an error in the maw resulting in the deaths of two ebons sent oktavia barreling after riley - but her earned respect of shindo malphur has temporarily and conveniently removed her from the dame's eyeline.

to this day, oktavia keeps an eye on riley's antics through a sightless, disapproving visor.


swarthy broker contact.

a relatively recent 'ally', the presence of which was established during the timeline of shadowlands. ku'rowl is one of the last members of cartel ku, the majority of which vanished in an incident he refuses to discuss with others - citing it looking bad for business.

ku'rowl remains genuinely, positively enthralled with residing on azeroth, and loves to assign what he thinks are the best uses and worth to the most mundane items.

like a tourist with never-ending energy, ku'rowl is less greed-driven than many of his kind, and more enraptured with the simple joys of existing with mortals. but, he's not without his knowledge, and riley often deflects his infatuated actions when needing his assistance.

alectryo II.

clucking stage of grief.
fortune teller. the diva.

a gift from taldarick following the death of her previous divination chicken, alectryo was a normal saldean chicken egg that was dunked in the 'waters' of the nightwell. when he hatched, he quickly grew to a large size - and an even larger ego to supersede it.

alectryo had the ability to scry timelines - a sort of proto-path-vision avian aficionado - and expressed himself through plucking corresponding tarot cards.

following an adventure into the storm peaks where shindo and riley battled a malefic weapon spirit, alectryo passed on from wounds incurred. contrary to taldarick's warning he did not explode.

taldarick reynolds.


the singular cause for all of riley's long-held abandonment, attachment, self-esteem and compartmentalization issues.

taldarick was her arcane mentor and blossoming love interest in the halcyon days of the legion's third invasion attempt of azeroth, and at the apex of its defense, he went missing - lost to a legion-occupied world that presumably closed off behind him.
riley's entire world revolved around adoration of the magus, and she adopted many of his behaviors and gremlin-like greed in his absence.

to her, it's taken decades to accept his loss - but his machinations are still rippling through her timeline to the current day.

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